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How Tall Is Aphra Behn

by Althea Godito
How Tall Is Aphra Behn

Exploring the Life and Legacy of Aphra Behn: How Tall Was She?

Aphra Behn (1640-1689) was an English playwright, poet, and novelist who is widely regarded as one of the first professional female writers. She is credited with being a major influence on the development of Restoration comedy and her works are still studied today. Despite her fame and influence, however, there is very little known about her life. This includes her exact height which has been a source of speculation for centuries.

The most commonly accepted estimate for Aphra Behn’s height comes from a description written by John Downes in his book Roscius Anglicanus (1708). In it he states that she was “of middle stature” which would have put her at around 5 feet 4 inches tall. This estimate has been supported by other contemporary accounts such as those from Samuel Pepys who described her as “a pretty woman but low in stature” and John Evelyn who noted that she was “not tall but well proportioned”.

Despite these estimates, there is no definitive answer to how tall Aphra Behn actually was due to the lack of reliable sources available from this period in history. What we do know however is that she had an impressive legacy despite any physical limitations she may have faced due to her size or gender at the time. Her works were highly influential during the Restoration period and continue to be studied today as examples of early feminist literature.

Uncovering the Mystery of Aphra Behn’s Height: What Do We Know?

Aphra Behn is one of the most celebrated female writers in English literature, yet her exact height remains a mystery. While there are no records that definitively state her height, there are several clues that can help us to make an educated guess.

First, we know that Aphra Behn was born in 1640 and lived until 1689. During this time period, the average height for women was around 5 feet tall. This suggests that Aphra Behn may have been of average height for her time period.

Second, we know from historical accounts that she was considered to be a very attractive woman with a “petite” figure and “delicate” features. This could suggest that she may have been shorter than average for her time period or at least smaller than many other women of the same age group.

Finally, we can look at portraits of Aphra Behn from the 17th century which show her standing next to other people who were known to be of average height during this era such as King Charles II and his courtiers. From these portraits it appears as though she is slightly shorter than them which could indicate she was below average in terms of height for her time period.

In conclusion, while it is impossible to know exactly how tall Aphra Behn was due to lack of records from this era, it appears likely based on historical evidence and portraits from the 17th century that she may have been slightly below average in terms of height compared with other women living during this era.

Examining the Evidence: How Tall Was Aphra Behn Really?

Aphra Behn is one of the most celebrated female writers in English literature, but her true identity remains a mystery. While some scholars believe that she was born in 1640 and died in 1689, there is no definitive proof of her exact age or height. This has led to much speculation about how tall Aphra Behn really was.

The most commonly accepted estimate for Aphra Behn’s height is 5’2” (1.57 m). This figure comes from a letter written by the poet Thomas Otway, who described her as “a little woman not above five foot two”. However, this description may have been exaggerated for dramatic effect; other sources suggest that she was actually closer to 5’0” (1.52 m).

In addition to these anecdotal accounts, there are also physical evidence that can be used to estimate Aphra Behn’s height. For example, an examination of her surviving clothing reveals that she wore garments designed for someone between 4’11” and 5’3” (1.50-1.60 m). Similarly, a study of portraits painted during her lifetime suggests that she was likely between 4’11” and 5’2” (1.50-1.57 m) tall—although it should be noted that these paintings were often idealized representations rather than accurate depictions of reality.

Ultimately, it is impossible to know exactly how tall Aphra Behn really was without more concrete evidence such as medical records or measurements taken at the time of her death—which unfortunately do not exist today—but based on the available evidence it seems likely that she stood somewhere between 4’11” and 5’2″ (1.50-1 .57m) tall at the time of her death in 1689


1. How tall was Aphra Behn?
Aphra Behn’s height is unknown, but she was likely of average height for a woman in the 17th century.

2. What is known about Aphra Behn’s physical appearance?
Aphra Behn was described as having dark eyes and auburn hair, and she had a strong presence that made her stand out in any crowd. She also had an air of intelligence and wit about her that made her attractive to many people.

3. Did Aphra Behn have any health issues?
It is not known if Aphra Behn suffered from any health issues during her lifetime, but it is believed that she may have suffered from depression due to the difficult circumstances of her life.

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