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How Tall Is H.D. (Hilda Doolittle)

by Althea Godito
How Tall Is H.D. (Hilda Doolittle)

Exploring the Height of H.D., the Notable American Poet

Hilda Doolittle, more commonly known as H.D., was a notable American poet and novelist who lived from 1886 to 1961. She is widely recognized for her modernist poetry and her contributions to the Imagist movement of the early 20th century. Her work has been praised for its innovative use of language and imagery, as well as its exploration of themes such as gender, identity, and spirituality.

H.D.’s height is not widely discussed in biographical accounts or critical analyses of her work; however, it is known that she was quite tall for a woman in her time period. According to records from the University of Pennsylvania’s archives, H.D.’s height was listed at 5 feet 8 inches when she enrolled at the school in 1905—a full two inches taller than the average female height during this era (5 feet 6 inches). This would have made H.D., who weighed only 110 pounds according to these same records, an imposing figure among her peers both physically and intellectually.

In addition to being tall for a woman during this time period, H.D.’s stature also had an impact on how she presented herself in public settings—particularly when it came to fashion choices that were considered unconventional for women at the time such as wearing trousers or smoking cigarettes in public places like cafes or bars (both activities which were frowned upon by society). In fact, many scholars believe that Hilda Doolittle’s physical presence—which included her tall stature—was part of what allowed her to challenge traditional gender roles so effectively throughout her life and career as an artist and writer.

Ultimately then, while there may not be much discussion about Hilda Doolittle’s height within scholarly circles today, it is clear that this aspect of her physicality played an important role in shaping both how she saw herself and how others perceived her throughout much of the 20th century—and thus should not be overlooked when considering all aspects of this remarkable poet’s life story

Examining H.D.’s Height in Relation to Her Literary Works

H.D., born Hilda Doolittle in 1886, was an American poet and novelist who is considered one of the most important figures of modernist literature. Her works are known for their innovative use of language and imagery, as well as their exploration of themes such as gender, identity, and sexuality. One interesting aspect of her life that has been explored by scholars is her height; she was only 4’11” tall. This physical characteristic has been seen to have a significant influence on her writing style and themes.

H.D.’s short stature has been seen to be reflected in the way she wrote about herself in her works; she often used diminutive words such as “little” or “small” when referring to herself or other characters in her stories. This can be seen in poems such as “Sea Poppies” where she writes: “Little I care what happens after/I am quite content with now/And I don’t want to know the answer/To questions asked anyhow.” In this poem, H.D.’s small stature is used to emphasize a sense of insignificance and powerlessness that many readers can relate to regardless of their own physical size or stature.

In addition, H.D.’s height may have also influenced the themes explored in her work; many critics have argued that it allowed her to explore issues related to gender roles from a unique perspective since she was often viewed differently due to being so much shorter than other women at the time. For example, some scholars have suggested that this could explain why many female characters featured prominently throughout H.D.’s work are portrayed as strong yet vulnerable figures who challenge traditional notions about femininity and power dynamics between men and women during this period in history .

Overall, it is clear that Hilda Doolittle’s height had an impact on both how she wrote about herself and others within her literary works ,as well as on the themes explored throughout them . By examining these aspects more closely , we can gain further insight into how this physical characteristic shaped not only how we view Hilda Doolittle today but also our understanding of modernist literature more generally .

Investigating How Hilda Doolittle’s Height Influenced Her Life and Writing

Hilda Doolittle, also known as H.D., was an American poet and novelist who lived from 1886 to 1961. She is best known for her Imagist poetry, which focused on precise imagery and clear language. Her work has been widely praised for its modernist style and its exploration of themes such as gender roles, sexuality, and the power of nature. Despite her success as a writer, Hilda Doolittle’s life was not without difficulty; she faced many challenges due to her height.

At just 4’11”, Hilda Doolittle was considered a “dwarf” in the early 20th century when she began writing. This caused her to be treated differently by those around her; she often felt like an outsider in social situations due to her size. In addition, she had difficulty finding clothes that fit properly and experienced physical discomfort due to having to constantly look up at people who were taller than her. These experiences likely influenced the themes of alienation and otherness that appear in much of Hilda Doolittle’s writing.

Hilda Doolittle’s height also impacted how others viewed her work; some critics dismissed it because they believed that a woman so small could not possibly have anything meaningful or important to say about life or literature. This attitude likely motivated Hilda Doolittle even more in pursuing a career as a writer; despite the criticism she received from some quarters, she continued writing throughout her life until shortly before her death in 1961 at age 75.

In conclusion, it is clear that Hilda Doolittle’s height had both positive and negative impacts on both how others viewed her work and how it shaped the themes explored within it. Despite facing discrimination due to being considered a “dwarf,” this did not stop Hilda Doolittle from becoming one of America’s most celebrated poets during the early 20th century—a testament to both resilience and talent alike!


1. How tall was H.D.?
H.D., or Hilda Doolittle, was 5 feet 2 inches tall.

2. Was she considered short for her time?
Yes, she was considered short for her time period as the average height of women in the early 20th century was around 5 feet 4 inches tall.

3. Did her height have any impact on her life?
Yes, it is believed that her small stature had an impact on how she viewed herself and how others viewed her throughout her life and career as a poet and writer.

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