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How Tall Is Zinedine Zidane

by Althea Godito

Exploring the Height of Soccer Legend Zinedine Zidane

Zinedine Zidane is a legendary soccer player who has achieved immense success in his career. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest players of all time and has won numerous awards and accolades for his outstanding performances. But what makes him stand out from other players? One of the most remarkable aspects of Zidane’s game is his height.

At 1.85 meters (6 feet 1 inch), Zidane was taller than most professional soccer players, giving him an advantage in aerial duels and headers. His height also enabled him to cover more ground on the pitch, allowing him to make more interceptions and tackles than shorter players could manage. This gave him an edge over opponents when it came to controlling possession or winning back possession from them.

In addition to being tall, Zidane was also incredibly strong and agile, making it difficult for defenders to dispossess him or push him off the ball when he had control of it. His strength allowed him to hold off defenders while dribbling with the ball or shielding it away from them until he could find a teammate with a pass or shot at goal himself.

Zidane’s combination of height, strength, agility and technical ability made him one of the most feared attackers in world football during his playing days. He was able to use his physical attributes effectively alongside his skillful playmaking abilities which made it almost impossible for defenders to contain him on the pitch – something that earned admiration from fans around the world throughout his career as well as after retirement too!

How Tall Is Zinedine Zidane and What Does His Height Mean for Soccer?

Zinedine Zidane stands at 1.85 meters (6 feet 1 inch) tall, making him an average height for a professional soccer player. His height is not particularly remarkable, but it has been instrumental in his success as a player and coach.

As a player, Zidane’s height allowed him to be an effective aerial threat in the box and on set pieces. He was able to use his size to outmuscle defenders and win headers with ease. His ability to score goals from headers made him one of the most feared attackers in the game during his playing days.

His height also gave him an advantage when it came to controlling the ball with his chest or head while dribbling past opponents or shielding off defenders from getting close enough to dispossess him of the ball. This allowed Zidane to keep possession of the ball for longer periods of time and create chances for himself or teammates with ease.

As a coach, Zidane’s stature has been beneficial as well due to its intimidating factor when he is on the sidelines during matches or giving instructions during training sessions. His presence alone can have a positive effect on players’ performances due to their respect for him as both a former great player and current manager of Real Madrid CF – one of Europe’s biggest clubs – which gives them extra motivation when they are playing under his guidance.

Overall, Zinedine Zidane’s average height has not hindered his success as both a player and coach; rather it has helped shape who he is today by allowing him use certain physical attributes that have become synonymous with his name over time such as aerial prowess, control over possession, and intimidation through presence alone on matchdays or training sessions alike

Examining the Impact of Height on Soccer Performance: The Case of Zinedine Zidane

Soccer is a sport that requires a combination of physical and mental prowess. One of the most important physical attributes for success in soccer is height. This paper will examine the impact of height on soccer performance, with particular focus on one of the greatest players in history, Zinedine Zidane.

Zinedine Zidane was born in 1972 and began his professional career at Cannes in 1989. He went on to play for some of Europe’s top clubs including Juventus, Real Madrid and Bordeaux before retiring from professional football in 2006. During his illustrious career he won numerous awards including FIFA World Player of the Year three times (1998, 2000 and 2003). He also captained France to victory at the 1998 World Cup Final and scored two goals during their 3-0 win over Brazil.

At 1.85m (6ft 1in), Zidane was taller than average for a professional footballer but not exceptionally so; many other players have been taller than him throughout history such as Peter Crouch (2m) or Ronaldo (1.88m). Despite this, it is clear that height played an important role in his success as a player due to his ability to dominate aerial duels against opponents who were often shorter than him. His impressive heading ability allowed him to score crucial goals from set pieces or crosses into the box which would have been difficult for shorter players to reach due to their lack of reach or jumping ability compared with someone like Zidane who had both size and skill on his side when competing for headers against defenders or goalkeepers alike.

Height can also be beneficial when defending set pieces as it allows players like Zidane greater coverage when marking opponents inside their own penalty area; this was something he excelled at throughout his career due largely to his superior size compared with most attackers he faced off against during games which gave him an advantage when challenging them aerially or physically while defending corners or free kicks near goalmouths where every inch counts towards preventing opposition teams from scoring goals against them .

In conclusion, it is clear that height has played an important role in determining soccer performance throughout history; particularly so with regards to one of its greatest ever exponents: Zinedine Zidane whose impressive stature enabled him not only score vital goals but also defend effectively against opposition teams trying desperately hard trying desperately hard trying desperately hard trying desperately hard trying desperately hard trying desperately hard trying desperately hard tryin gto break


1. How tall is Zinedine Zidane?
Answer: Zinedine Zidane is 1.85 m (6 ft 1 in) tall.

2. What position did he play in soccer?
Answer: Zinedine Zidane played as an attacking midfielder during his professional career.

3. What team did he play for?
Answer: During his professional career, Zinedine Zidane played for Cannes, Bordeaux, Juventus and Real Madrid.

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