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How Tall is Michael Jordan

by Althea Godito
How Tall is Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan’s Height

6ft 6 or (198 cm)

Michael Jordan, also known as MJ, is an American entrepreneur, former basketball athlete, and author. He is best known for being an NBA cultural icon following his taking the world by storm for 10 years in the 1980s. The official National Basketball Association or NBA recognizes the sports figure as the greatest basketball player in history. The nicknames Air Jordan His Airness were entitled to the renowned athlete for his ability to execute slam dunks from the free-throw line in Slam Dunk Contests. Jordan has appeared in a film and television series. His height is recorded to be 6ft 5 or (196 cm) tall.

Take a look at the Instagram post from Michael Jordan below for a better understanding of his height.


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