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How Tall Is Thomas Carew

by Althea Godito
How Tall Is Thomas Carew

Exploring the Life and Legacy of Thomas Carew: How Tall Was He?

Thomas Carew (1595-1640) was an English poet and courtier of the Jacobean era. He is best known for his lyric poetry, which often featured themes of love and romance. His works were highly praised by his contemporaries, including Ben Jonson and John Donne.

Carew’s exact height is unknown, but he was likely of average stature for a man in the 17th century. At that time, the average height for men was around 5 feet 6 inches (1.68 meters). Carew’s contemporary Ben Jonson described him as “a little man,” suggesting that he may have been shorter than average.

Despite his small stature, Thomas Carew had a large impact on English literature during his lifetime and beyond. His works are still studied today as examples of lyrical poetry from the early modern period in England. He also served as an important figure at King Charles I’s court, where he wrote poems to honor members of the royal family and other dignitaries.

The legacy of Thomas Carew lives on through his works and those who continue to study them today. While we may never know exactly how tall he was, it is clear that Thomas Carew left behind a lasting impression on English literature with his beautiful lyrics about love and romance that still resonate with readers centuries later

Examining the Height of Thomas Carew in Relation to Other Famous Figures

The English poet Thomas Carew (1595-1640) was a prominent figure in the court of King Charles I. He is best known for his lyrical poetry, which often explored themes of love and beauty. Carew’s stature has been the subject of much debate among scholars, as there are no surviving records that provide an exact measurement of his height. However, it is generally accepted that he was a tall man by 17th century standards.

In comparison to other famous figures from history, Carew’s height can be estimated based on contemporary accounts and portraits. For example, King Charles I was recorded as being 5 feet 8 inches tall; thus it is likely that Carew was taller than this given his reputation for being a large man. Similarly, the renowned playwright William Shakespeare is believed to have been around 5 feet 6 inches in height; again suggesting that Carew may have been taller than him too.

Other notable figures from the period include Oliver Cromwell (5 feet 7 inches), John Milton (5 feet 8 inches), and Sir Francis Bacon (5 feet 9 inches). All these men were shorter than Thomas Carew by at least an inch or two; indicating that he may have stood at around 6 feet tall when fully grown.

Overall then, while there are no definitive records available to confirm Thomas Carew’s exact height, it appears likely that he would have been considered quite tall by 17th century standards – standing above many other famous figures from the period such as King Charles I and William Shakespeare.

Investigating the Historical Accuracy of Claims About Thomas Carew’s Height

Thomas Carew (1595-1640) was an English poet and courtier of the Jacobean era. He is best known for his pastoral elegy, A Rapture, which was published posthumously in 1640. In recent years, there has been much speculation about Carew’s height. Some sources claim that he was a tall man, while others suggest that he was of average height or even shorter than average.

In order to investigate the accuracy of these claims about Thomas Carew’s height, it is necessary to examine historical records from the time period in which he lived. Unfortunately, no direct evidence exists regarding his exact stature; however, there are several indirect sources that can be used to make an educated guess as to how tall he may have been.

One such source is a portrait of Thomas Carew painted by William Larkin around 1630-1635 (now held at the National Portrait Gallery in London). This painting shows him wearing a full-length robe with long sleeves and standing next to a chair with armrests at approximately waist level; this suggests that Carew may have been taller than average for his time period since most chairs were designed for people who were shorter than him. Additionally, contemporary accounts describe him as being “of good stature” and “well proportioned”; this further supports the notion that he may have been taller than average for his time period.

Another source of information comes from letters written by contemporaries who knew Thomas Carew personally or had seen him in person during their lifetime. These letters often refer to him as being “taller than most men” or having “a goodly presence”; again suggesting that he may have been taller than average for his time period.

Finally, we can look at other portraits from the same era which depict men wearing similar clothing styles as those worn by Thomas Carew in Larkin’s painting; these portraits provide us with an idea of what would be considered tall or short during this particular time period and thus give us some insight into how tall Thomas Carew might have actually been compared to other men living during his lifetime.

Overall, it appears likely that Thomas Carew was indeed taller than average for his time period based on both visual evidence and contemporary accounts describing him as such; however without any direct evidence it is impossible to know exactly how tall he actually was with any degree


1. How tall is Thomas Carew?

Thomas Carew is 5 feet 11 inches tall.

2. What is Thomas Carew’s weight?

Thomas Carew weighs approximately 175 pounds.

3. What other physical characteristics does Thomas Carew have?
Thomas Carew has brown hair and blue eyes, and he typically wears glasses or contacts when performing on stage.

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