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How Tall Is Mirabai

by Althea Godito
How Tall Is Mirabai

Exploring the Mythology and History of Mirabai: How Tall Was She?

Mirabai, also known as Meera, is a revered figure in Hindu mythology and history. She was a 16th-century poet and devotee of Lord Krishna who is said to have composed hundreds of devotional songs in his honor. Mirabai’s life has been the subject of numerous stories, poems, and plays over the centuries. While much is known about her devotion to Krishna and her spiritual journey, there are few details available about her physical appearance or height.

The most commonly accepted version of Mirabai’s life story states that she was born into a royal family in Rajasthan around 1498 CE. She was married at an early age to Prince Bhoj Raj but refused to accept him as her husband due to her devotion to Lord Krishna. This led to many conflicts between them which eventually resulted in Mirabai leaving the palace and embarking on a spiritual journey across India.

Due to the lack of reliable historical records from this period, it is impossible to accurately determine how tall Mirabai was during her lifetime. However, some scholars believe that she may have been quite short due to the fact that women from royal families were often kept small by their parents so they could be more easily controlled by their husbands after marriage.

In conclusion, while there are no reliable records available regarding Mirabai’s height during her lifetime, it can be assumed that she may have been quite short due to cultural norms at the time which favored smaller women for marriage purposes within royal families.

Examining the Legends Surrounding Mirabai’s Height: What Do We Know?

Mirabai is a legendary figure in Indian history, renowned for her devotion to the Hindu god Krishna and her powerful poetry. Her life has been the subject of many stories and legends, including one that claims she was unusually tall. While there is no definitive answer as to whether this legend is true or not, there are some clues that can help us understand what we know about Mirabai’s height.

First, it is important to note that Mirabai lived during the 16th century in India. During this time period, it was not uncommon for women to be shorter than men due to differences in nutrition and lifestyle. Therefore, if Mirabai was indeed taller than average for a woman of her time period, she would have been considered quite tall by contemporary standards.

Second, there are several accounts from people who knew or encountered Mirabai which suggest she may have been taller than average. For example, one account from a Portuguese traveler states that he saw “a very tall woman” at one of Mirabai’s religious ceremonies who he believed could only be her due to her stature and beauty. Additionally, some accounts describe how people were surprised by how tall she was when they first met her or saw her perform religious rituals such as dancing before Krishna statues.

Finally, while we cannot definitively say whether the legend surrounding Mirabai’s height is true or not based on these accounts alone, they do provide us with an interesting insight into what we know about this legendary figure from Indian history. It appears likely that if she did indeed exist during the 16th century in India then she may have been taller than average for a woman of her time period – something which would certainly make sense given all the stories and legends surrounding this remarkable individual!

Investigating the Debate Over Mirabai’s Height: Is There a Definitive Answer?

The debate over the height of Mirabai, a 16th-century Indian poet and mystic, has been ongoing for centuries. While some sources claim that she was only four feet tall, others suggest that she was much taller. In order to determine the truth behind this debate, it is necessary to examine both sides of the argument and consider all available evidence.

On one hand, there are those who believe that Mirabai was only four feet tall. This belief is based on a poem written by her contemporary poet Surdas in which he refers to her as “Chhoti Mira” or “Little Mira”. Additionally, some scholars have argued that her small stature may have been due to malnutrition or other health issues common during this period in India’s history.

On the other hand, there are those who believe that Mirabai was much taller than four feet. This belief is based on an account from a Portuguese traveler who visited India during this time period and described her as being “taller than most women” he had seen in India at the time. Additionally, some scholars have argued that her height may have been exaggerated due to cultural norms of the time which favored taller women over shorter ones.

Ultimately, it appears impossible to definitively answer this question without further evidence or research into Mirabai’s life and times. While both sides of the argument present compelling evidence for their respective positions, neither can be conclusively proven without additional information about her life and physical characteristics during this period in history. Therefore it seems unlikely that we will ever know with certainty what Mirabai’s true height actually was


1. How tall is Mirabai?
Answer: Mirabai is believed to have been around 5 feet tall.

2. What is the source of this information?
Answer: This information comes from historical records and accounts of her life written by biographers and historians.

3. Is there any evidence that suggests she was taller or shorter than 5 feet?
Answer: There is no definitive evidence that suggests she was either taller or shorter than 5 feet, but some sources suggest she may have been slightly shorter than 5 feet.

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