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How Tall is Conor McGregor

by Althea Godito
How Tall is Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor’s Height

5ft 9 or (175 cm)

Conor McGregor is an Irish professional mixed martial artist. The UFC lightweight rankings established McGregor 9th last July 2021. McGregor, also known as Notorious, holds the most number of pay-per-view draws in the past years of MMA. He is also established by Forbes in 2021 as the world’s highest-paid athlete, with a net worth of $180 million. His height is recorded to be 5ft 9 or (175 cm) tall.

Take a look at the Instagram post from Conor McGregor below for a better understanding of his height.

File:Conor McGregor 2018.jpg” by Russian Presidential Press and Information Office is marked with CC BY 4.0.

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