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How Tall Is Andy C

by Althea Godito
How Tall Is Andy C

How Tall Is Andy C and What Are His Other Physical Characteristics?

Andy C is a British DJ and producer who stands at 5 feet 8 inches tall. He has a slim build, short brown hair, and blue eyes. He is often seen wearing casual clothing such as jeans and t-shirts.

Exploring the Height of Drum & Bass Legend Andy C

Andy C, born Andrew Clarke, is a legendary figure in the world of drum and bass music. He has been at the forefront of the genre since its inception in the early 1990s and is widely regarded as one of its most influential figures. His influence on drum and bass can be seen in his production work, DJ sets, and label management.

Andy C’s career began when he started producing music with his friend Ant Miles in 1991. The duo released their first single “Valley Of The Shadows” on their own record label RAM Records that same year. This track was an instant hit among drum and bass fans and helped to establish Andy C as a major player in the scene. Since then, he has gone on to produce numerous classic tracks such as “Body Rock,” “Original Nuttah,” “Tear Down,” and many more. He has also released several albums including Nightlife 5 (2005), X-Session (2008), Alpha Omega (2010), Rave Digger (2012) and more recently All Night (2015).

In addition to his production work, Andy C is also renowned for his DJ sets which have become legendary amongst fans of drum & bass music around the world. His ability to mix different styles together seamlessly while keeping an energetic vibe throughout has earned him a reputation as one of the best DJs in this genre today.

As well as producing music himself, Andy C also runs RAM Records which he founded with Ant Miles back in 1992. This label has become one of the most respected labels within drum & bass circles due to its consistent output of quality releases from both established artists such as Chase & Status or Sub Focus alongside up-and-coming talent like Wilkinson or Loadstar .

It is clear that Andy C’s influence on drum & bass cannot be overstated; from his pioneering productions through to running RAM Records – he continues to shape this genre even today after almost three decades at its helm!

A Look at the Height of DJ and Producer Andy C

Andy C, born Andrew Clarke, is a renowned DJ and producer from the United Kingdom. He is widely considered to be one of the most influential figures in drum and bass music. As a result of his success, he has become an iconic figure in the electronic music scene.

Andy C stands at 5 feet 8 inches tall (1.73 meters). He has been described as having an average build with short brown hair and blue eyes. His height is not particularly remarkable for a DJ or producer; however, it does not detract from his immense talent or influence on the genre of drum and bass music.

Andy C began his career as a DJ in 1988 when he was just 16 years old. Since then, he has gone on to become one of the most successful DJs in history with numerous awards under his belt including Best International DJ at the Drum & Bass Awards (2006) and Best Producer at The Drum & Bass Arena Awards (2008).

In addition to being an accomplished DJ, Andy C is also an acclaimed producer who has released several albums over the years including “Nightlife” (2002), “X-Ray” (2005), “Tough Love” (2007) and “Rave Culture” (2009). His production style combines elements of hip hop, dubstep and jungle which have helped him create some truly unique sounds that have resonated with fans all over the world.

Despite being relatively short compared to other DJs or producers, Andy C’s influence on drum & bass music cannot be denied. His passion for creating innovative sounds combined with his technical skill have made him one of the most respected figures in electronic music today regardless of height or stature.



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Andy Capp is a fictional character, so there is no definitive answer to this question. However, he has been described as being of average height and build.

2. What does Andy Capp look like?
Andy Capp is typically depicted as a balding, middle-aged man with a scruffy beard and wearing a flat cap. He usually wears an old-fashioned shirt and trousers with braces or suspenders.

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The character of Andy Capp was created by British cartoonist Reg Smythe in 1957 for the Daily Mirror newspaper in the United Kingdom.

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